With the change in technology every field has upgraded based upon their requirements and convenience. Now unlike conventional way of buying a Retail Cd of antivirus, one can even purchase the subscription online. This is easy and even more convenient to access from any device that has internet service. Even in retail store sells retail cards that allows the user to download security products from internet instead of installing from a CD. This is to make sure that the user is always updated with the latest version of McAfee antivirus.

Security Retail Card is the easiest way for antivirus installation because CD’s can be damaged in transit and also latest devices do not have CD drives. This makes it really difficult for the user to activate and install; instead user can follow a simple web address online and insert the retail card detail and follow the simple procedure of installation.

In case if you have purchased the retail card and having difficulty in installation, follow the steps to install Intel Security as follows:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the product key written on the card.
  3. After the product key, one need to enter the email-id.
  4. After completing above procedure one need to choose a McAfee password if he/she is new user otherwise if they are old users they need to provide/ enter their old password of McAfee.

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